Training Furniture

Training table and chairs.

O-series Office Furniture

By diving a space provide both storage and partitioning - two birds with one stone, keeps the feeling of open space and unified offices. It leads to visible spot, additional content and dynamics in the vast space. With our O leg L shape table, you may ease your mind when you want to piece together a long length, sprawling desk. This will work beautifully, instant expansion.

G-series Office Furniture

G-series office furniture is created with flexibility and functionality. The exclusive design, quality of wood veneer and colour options give G-series its unique personality. With the adding of our curved design fabric panels, your office looks stylish and fit your space.

EX-series Office Furniture

The EX-series delivers an exceptional feel that allow you to enjoy working in your office while staying productive.

B-series Office Furniture

The B-series combines functionality with style. You can easily adapt the office furniture to your surroundings the way you want it. Create an area where you can work comfortably with all your files and documents close at hand.

PRIVVA Office Series

PRIVVA was designed to optimize workplace with efficiency space solution yet resolve the noise & confidential issues of open planned office, PRIVVA encourage humanity connection & communication between functional areas to build engagement in the liveable office.

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